What is the scope of application of sand belt?
  • Date:2021-05-30
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(1) Animal rubber belt is cheap and easy to manufacture, which is mainly suitable for low speed grinding.
(2) The semi resin sand belt improves the poor moisture resistance and heat resistance of the animal rubber belt, and greatly improves the adhesion performance. In the case that the price has not increased too much, the grinding performance has doubled. It is widely used in metal and nonmetal grinding, especially in wood and leather processing industry.
(3) All resin sand belt is made of high quality synthetic resin, high strength cotton cloth and high quality abrasive. High cost, but with wear resistance and strong grinding characteristics. In the case of high-speed operation, large cutting and high-precision grinding, it is competent. The above three kinds of abrasive belts are suitable for dry grinding. They can also be ground in oil, but not in water.
(4) Compared with the sand belt, the water-resistant sand belt has higher requirements for raw materials, more complex manufacturing process, less output and higher price. It has the characteristics of resin abrasive belt and can be directly used for water coolant grinding.
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