How to use flat cloth wheel
  • Date:2021-05-31
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Generally, the types of cloth wheels are different according to the material of the workpiece to be polished. The basic selection methods all consider the surface hardness of the workpiece to be polished. For example, the surface hardness of iron metal is higher, so the hemp wheel is often used to achieve its cutting effect. If the hemp wheel is also used for non-ferrous metal, the polishing marks on the surface are coarse, which are not accepted by customers, Therefore, for non-ferrous metals, we mostly choose flat cloth wheel for polishing.

The flat cloth wheel is fluffed on the edge of the cloth layer and sewed in the center of the multi-layer pure cotton cloth. It is well made and plays an important role in rough grinding and polishing of workpiece surface. It can be used for polishing and polishing of jade, jadeite, agate, crystal, wood, stone and other non-metallic materials.

The cloth wheel is suitable for grinding and polishing the surface of metal, jewelry, hardware, stainless steel, aluminum products, wood, plastic, ceramics, glass, clocks and watches.
If the flat cloth wheel is used with polishing wax, the polishing effect is better. The product is suitable for surface polishing of metal and non-metal products. Such as jewelry, silver, gold, stainless steel, copper, aluminum, plastic, paint, wood, die-casting products.

The flat cloth wheel is made of pure cotton cloth with good polishing effect and fine and bright surface after polishing. We can also customize the number of pages and the density or number of coils according to customers' requirements.


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