Classification, application and usage of polishing wax
  • Date:2021-06-04
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Our polishing wax is metal polishing wax, mainly used for polishing clocks, door locks, bathroom equipment, mobile phone shell, steel pipes, plates, aircraft industry (engine blades, body), automobile industry (various accessories, wheel hub, wheel ring), marine hardware, hardware tools, dining tools, pot ware, lighting, optics, plate making, household appliances, furniture, musical instruments (pipe instrument, piano Guitar) and other industries such as coating surface, medical equipment, etc.

Polishing wax is divided into solid polishing paste and liquid polishing paste, that is, solid polishing wax and liquid polishing wax. In order to facilitate the use of various types, we can be divided into several classification applications, namely, solid polishing wax and liquid polishing wax; Yellow wax, purple wax, Black wax, white wax, green wax, blue green and small white wax, etc. each color uses different product processes. According to your product process requirements, choose polishing wax products. For example, Black wax, Black wax is used for coarse polishing, and small white wax is used for fine polishing.

The polishing wax is used in combination with the polishing wheel. The polishing process is divided into three steps: rough polishing, middle polishing and fine polishing. Of course, if you are only rough polishing, then it will be in place.

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