What is the difference in polishing process between hemp wheel, cloth wheel and nylon wheel?
  • Date:2021-06-03
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Concept of cloth wheel, hemp wheel and nylon wheel:
Cloth wheel: the wheel made of cloth is called cloth wheel. With the development of society, more and more customers require different fabrics to make different polishing wheels, such as: denim, car line, wind, jewelry, etc., are used on various polishing tools, and different effects are polished according to different needs.
Hemp wheel: also known as "general-purpose" and "special-shaped hemp wheel", as a kind of grinding material used in polishing process. The hemp wheel is easy to polish and grind purple wax. It is suitable for all metal products (copper, stainless steel, alloy, titanium alloy and other metal products before polishing) and can select the corresponding hemp wheel products according to different requirements and different metal products.
Nylon wheel: made of high toughness non-woven fiber and selected mineral sand, and made by special glue by unique method, it has the advantages of wear-resistant, anti-attack, strong grinding force, even thread pattern, no residual glue, no black workpiece, etc.

Difference between cloth wheel, hemp wheel and nylon wheel:
The main polishing wheels are cloth wheel and hemp wheel: easy to polish the cloth wheel is mainly used for middle throwing to obtain high plane and mirror effect; The hemp wheel is mainly used for rough and medium throwing. The final effect is related to the type, performance and material of polishing wax.
The main polishing wheels are cloth wheel and nylon wheel: the cloth wheel is mainly used for the "light out" of various metal products, and the high plane mirror treatment effect. Nylon wheel has strong cutting force, elasticity and anti blocking, which is mainly used for surface treatment of drawing wire.

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