Development Direction of Abrasive Belt Grinding
  • Date:2022-12-20
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Abrasive belt belongs to coated abrasive tools, called flexible abrasive tools. When polishing, it is more flexible and safe than solid abrasive wheel, with higher precision and lower grinding cost. Nylon wheel is an important branch of abrasive abrasive products, which is the grinding product after abrasive belt grinding wheel and other strong cutting grinding products. So, which one is more accurate, nylon wheel or nylon abrasive belt? What is the difference between nylon abrasive belt and nylon wheel?
The nylon wheel is more accurate for nylon sand belt. Compared with nylon abrasive belt, the precision of nylon wheel is higher. The nylon wheel is supported by the three-dimensional network of nylon Web, and the grinding workpiece is characterized by elastic grinding, cold cutting, and anti blocking. It is more delicate, soft and bright than the same grain size grinding wheel belt. It has stronger cutting force and clearer lines than cloth wheel and hemp wheel. Therefore, nylon wheels are often used for grinding wheel belt after sanding treatment and electroplating and mirror finishing before sanding treatment.
In the process of drawing abrasive belt, an important factor is the surface consistency of the product. There are two aspects of consistency: one is that the surface wire drawing of the workpiece should be uniform, and the other is that the wire drawing effect between different workpieces should be consistent with little difference.
For surface wire drawing, the effect of ordinary abrasive belt depends on the quality of abrasive belt itself. For the consistency of wire drawing effect between different workpieces, ordinary abrasive belt is much worse. Because the abrasive belt has its own loss in the wire drawing process, specifically, the abrasive is sharp at the beginning of the wire drawing, and the wire drawing lines are deep. But soon after the wire drawing, the grinding and polishing materials begin to become dull, and the drawn lines are relatively shallow. In this way, for the workpieces of the same batch of wire drawing, there will be a significant difference between the surface effect of the products drawn in front and that of the products drawn behind.
Nylon wheel is also an important abrasive tool for surface treatment, and its processed lines have good ornamental properties, and are widely used in the rear treatment of household hardware products. The nylon wheel is made of high-quality mineral sand and superior fiber.
The advantages of nylon wheels are that the drawing surface can have a certain curvature, the drawing effect is consistent before and after, and there will be no difference in the depth of lines or disorder of drawing lines due to the loss of grinding products during operation. Nylon wheel structure has anti blocking function. This is due to its own characteristics of good adhesion and heat dissipation. This advantage is conducive to heat loss during wire drawing, and is conducive to wire drawing processing of large surface area.

Storage method of abrasive belt